April 1-15 News

Wednesday, April 15, 1998

Electro-Voice Introduces New AP Series Amplifiers
The Electro-Voice AP2200 and AP2400 power amplifiers are being introduced as extensions of EVŐs existing AP series of amplifiers. Designed for use in fixed installations, they are designed to operate independently or as part of a supervised control system. Both are two rack-space, dual-channel amps with the AP2200A rated at 100 W per channel at 8 ohms and the AP2400 is rated at 200 W per channel at 8 ohms. Each channel can be independently configured for 8/4-ohm or 70.7 V operation, allowing a single amplifier to serve many needs. Both amplifiers are also compatible with the new SuperVisorTM amplifier network from InterActive Technology, a brand being introduced by EVI Audio at the 1997 NSCA show in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Online Music Retailer Demos ZOOM 505 Guitar Effects Processor
Musicians Friend, the mail-order music supply retailer has a shockwave demo of the ZOOM 505 guitar effects pedal on their website. The unit features 24 memory locations and the ability to use up to 9 effects at a time, including 8 analog distortions, hall & room reverbs, delays, chorus, flanger, doubler, compressor, limiter, auto or pedal Wah, 4-band EQ, phaser, pitch-shifter and an amp simulator. Musicians Friend is selling it for $119.

Tuesday, April 14, 1998

Upcoming LIVE CONCERTS On The Web
Appearing on Live Concerts.com over the next week:

  • APRIL 15 @ 6:30 PM PT - Chick Corea & Gary Burton
  • APRIL 15 @ 7:55 PM PT - Pat Metheny
  • APRIL 16 @ 4:00 PM PT - A conversation with Tony Levin
  • APRIL 17 @ 8:00 PM PT - Cool For August LIVE
  • APRIL 19 @ 3:30 PM PT - Swamp Boogie Queen
  • APRIL 19 @ 4:50 PM PT - The Mother Hips
  • APRIL 19 @ 6:30 PM PT - Bruford - Levin Upper Extremeties LIVE
  • APRIL 20 @ 8:00 PM PT - Kyle Davis LIVE

Roland Revolutionizes Electronic Drums
The "V" stands for Virtual. Roland claims that "The V-drums V-Basic and V-Expansion Drum Kits are the world's most advanced electronic percussion systems. By combining the amazing TD-10 V-drums sound module and a host of new mesh-head "V-pads", the V-drums Drum Kits offer a sonic quality and flexibility that is nothing short of revolutionary. Musician Magazine (no relation to Musicians Online) has declared them a 1998 Editor's Pick and says they are the "acoustic drummer's" electronic drum kit. Available in multiple configurations up to $4995.

Monday, April 13, 1998

Wide Open Ears: Maryam Mursal, The Journey
On Peter Gabriel's Real World label, Maryam Mursal's, debut solo album, The Journey "is set to become an instant African classic, thrillingly uniting ancient and modern", according to the label's press release. The album chronicles the epic story of Maryam's own flight from Somalia during the Somalian Civil War. She was to travel across the desert for seven months with her five children on foot, donkey and truck before reaching safety. The song "Somali Udiida Ceb (Somalia Don't Shame Yourself)" can be heard on the Real World website.

Friday, April 10, 1998

Elektroson Releases GEAR Audio 1.0 CD-R Software
Elektroson has announced GEAR Audio for Windows 95/NT. The software package allows you to mix your own music/audio CDs. You can use GEAR Audio to read tracks or sampled wave files from your audio collection including CD, LP, and Cassette, then with one command, record them all to CD. Improve the audio quality of sampled wave files by using the integrated de-click and de-scratch filters. GEAR Audio comes with a user friendly graphical interface, enabling you to modify track order, pauses between tracks, and much more. For a limited time, GEAR Audio is available for $59.99. The demo is available on the Elektroson website.

Musician's Musician Appearance Alert! Tori Amos, will be appearing on The Late Show With David Letterman tonight (Friday, April 10). She will be performing "Spark" from her new album, From the Choirgirl Hotel.

Thursday, April 9, 1998

Rocktron Introduces the TABOO Artist
Powered by a 24-bit Motorola DSP engine, Rocktron's Taboo Artist is a floor preamp with selectable high or low gain configurations, pre and post distortion EQ, effect bypass, "Variac" setting, Pentode, Triode and Solid State voicings. Rocktron's claim is that "with all this control and EQ, the tone creating possibilities are endless." The Artist also includes many of the same effects included in Rocktron's Intellifex and Replifex. Effects included are tap-tempo delay, reverb, flanger, phaser, tremolo, pitch-shift, compressor, wah-wah and chorus, as well as the latest in HUSH technology for noise elimination. Other features include speaker simulation, 252 user-definable presets, headphone output and MIDI control. The Taboo Artist also comes with an Ernie Ball volume pedal.

Wednesday, April 8, 1998

2nd Annual Fender Catalina Island Blues Festival
Co-sponsored by Guitar Player magazine, Catalina Cruises, Guild Guitars and DW Drums, The 2nd Annual Fender Catalina Blues Festival will be held twenty-six miles off the coast of Southern California. The concerts will be held in the fabulous Catalina Casino Ballroom, The Avalon Theatre and Descanso Beach Club as well as "Blues in Town" on Friday night. Featured artists include Buddy Guy, Johnny Lang, Corey Stevens, Taj Mahal, Honeyboy Edwards, Debbie Davies, Steven Seagal (Did I read that right?!), Uncle Daddy and the Muddy Harbor Band. For ticket information call 1-888-25-EVENT.

Two Great Musicians Lost
Country Music Performer Tammy Wynette died Monday at the age of 55 and famed British drummer Colin "Cozy" Powell was killed last Sunday in a car accident near Bristol, England. Powell was known for his work with Jeff Beck, ELP, Black Sabbath, Rainbow and others. He had been working on finishing a solo album just before his death.

Tom Waits Working On New Album
Famed singer-songwriter Tom Waits is heading to the studio, according to Wall of Sound. He is currently without a label but hopes to have an album released by December of this year.

Tuesday, April 7, 1998

Arboretum Offers Free Effects Plug-Ins
Arboretum is offering free Premiere-compatible plug-ins (low pass filter and echo) for Apple Power Mac Users and free Direct-X plug-ins (ring modulator, vibrato and echo) for Windows 95 users.

Musician's Musician Appearance Alert! Joe Jackson will be performing for a special one hour Sessions at West 54th on participating PBS stations on Saturday night, April 11. Special guests with Joe include Joy Askew, Brad Roberts (from the Crash Test Dummies), Jane Sibbery, Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg and Dawn Upshaw. The week after, Sessions will be rebroadcasting Sinead O'Connor's appearance with World Party (April 18).

Guitar World Online Interviews Steve Vai, Korn and Incubus.
The Topic: 7-string Guitars.

Guitar World Magazine Online has a feature posted in which they interview Steve Vai and members of Korn and Incubus. Korn and Incubus have re-popularized the Ibanez 7-string guitar designed by Vai.

Friday, April 3, 1998

Bill Mallonee (Vigilantes of Love) Interview Posted
We finally have it online! Musician Online's exclusive interview with Bill Mallonee of the Vigilantes of Love. Bill talks about the band's past, present and future as well as providing some insight into the music business and what it takes to make a living creating and performing music....

Musician's Musician Appearance Alert! Robbie Robertson, will be appearing on The Late Show With David Letterman on Wednesday, April 8. He will be performing "Unbound" from his new album, Contact From The Underworld Of Red Boy.

Thursday, April 2, 1998

TerraTec EWS64XL: Another PC Card/Audio I/O Solution
Following 12 months of development, the new EWS64XL audio board from the Nettetal SoundSystem factory TerraTec Electronic combines professional audio hardware and software with ease of operation at an affordable price. The list of features provided by the EWS64 is unprecedented in this field, and covers all imaginable needs (according to the press release). As well as offering Plug&Play and full games compatibility, this TerraTec card also features digital input and output, MIDI control, wavetable synthesis and onboard effects processing. It also features front 5 1/4-inch drive-bay mounting of all inputs. The outputs are on the card itself, and accessible from the back of the PC. You can read about it on the TerraTec website if your browser is configured for Cyrillic languages! or read this full press release in English.

Wednesday, April 1, 1998

Fender Introduces Limited Edition Geddy Lee Jazz Bass

Fender Music last month introduced the new limited edition signature Geddy Lee jazz bass. It features 1962 U.S. Jazz bass pickups, an alder body, 70s jass bass mapleneck, vintage style machine heads and a 34-inch scale length.

UI Software Introduces Eric Wenger's MetaSynth
From the creator of KPT Bryce, the famous 3-D landscape creation program used to create such album covers as Tales From the Punchbowl by Primus, comes a new software synthesizer for the Power Macintosh. Metasynth is a program which makes it possible to synthesize sounds (represented as frequencies evolving in time) directly from an image coming from any source. The synthesizer features a wide array of unique visual tools for creating sounds, and offers wavetables as well as FM synthesis, full envelope control, and a completely new way of looking at music. It is a sound editor and sampler as well as a canvas for aural painting. UI is calling it an "image synthesizer". Download the Metasynth demo.

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