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March 1-12 News

Thursday, March 12, 1998

Korg Introduces The N1 and N5 Music Synthesizers
The Korg N1 and N5 synthesizers feature 1700 sounds, 64 voices, an onboard arpeggiator and many real-time performance features. Both synths utilize Korg's AI2 synthesis, the same synthesis architecture used in more expensive Korg professional synthesizers. Both keyboards include pitch bend, velocity and aftertouch for added expressions, two completely independent stereo multi effect units with 48 types of effects such as resonance, chorus, delay and rotary speaker. In the Performance mode, the front panel provides four knobs for dynamic, analog-style control in real time: VDA Attack/Release Times, VDF Cutoff, and Effect Dynamic Modulation.

The N1, the higher end version of the two synths features an 88-key weighted action keybard and 18MB of PCM ROM, which includes all of the samples found on the N5 as well as 35 new waveforms, including a stunning new stereo piano sample, and several other intruments.

The N5 features a 61-key keyboard and 12 MB of PCM ROM which contains over 528 multi samples and 286 drum samples which cover the basic sounds of piano, organ and strings as well as a wide range of unique synth sounds and effects.
No word yet on pricing.

Wednesday, March 11, 1998

CECILIA 2.0.1 - Freeware Music and Signal Processing Based On Csound
CECILIA is an environment for music and signal-processing that uses Csound as its underlying audio processing engine. One can think of CECILIA as a completely programmable sound-processing tool, with real-time interactive processing on soundfiles or live input, and as a full blown software synthesizer with configurable knobs. Designed by and for musicians and sound designers, CECILIA was created to make the most powerful and open-ended sound processing language readily usable for composers, researchers and sound artists. Creators will find in CECILIA all the tools necessary to make sound be what they want it to be. Included are traditional sound processing devices such as EQs, compressors and delays adapted for the most simple applications and the wildest imaginable sonic contortions. Available for the Macintosh, Linux and Irix (Unix-based) operating systems.

Billy Bragg and Wilco Collaborate on New Music
For Recently Discovered Woody Guthrie Lyrics

Billy Bragg and the American rock band Wilco are putting the finishing touches on an album featuring never before released lyrics by folk hero Woody Guthrie. Bragg and the band have been recording in Dublin this past month, writing music to Guthrie's lyrics in what is sure to be one of this years most unique collaborative efforts.

According to Guthries daughter Nora, the legendary folk singer penned more than 1,000 songs in his lifetime, writing lyrics until he was struck down by the debilitating Huntingtons disease in the 1950s. Billy Bragg, the current king of social-activist British folk-rock, was initially approached by Nora to write music for the heretofore undiscovered lyrics after she saw him perform Guthrie's classic "Hard Traveling" at the 1996 Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame celebration. The project moved on from there.

"This is not a tribute album, but a genuine collaboration between contemporary artists and the man, who in many respects, is the original singer/songwriter", said Billy.

Billy says he approached Wilco about the album after seeing them perform. "They are a young band but well versed in the rich traditions of American music."

The album, due out in June, includes never before heard songs, including "My Flying Saucer" and "Hoodoo Voodoo" among others.

Parental Warning Sticker Bill Shot Down
Last month we reported that the Georgia House of Representatives was attempting to pass a bill banning the sale of labeled music to minors. Last Friday that bill was shot down by a vote of 86-62. Music News Of The World has the full story.

Tuesday, March 10, 1998

Wide Open Ears: Afro-Celt Sound System
On Peter Gabriel's Real World label, the Afro-Celt Sound System, according to the label's press release, is "an explosion of contemporary styles and ancient traditions, coming together to explore the Celtic and African roots of modern music in the British Isles." The Afro Celt Sound System: a vast, extraordinary line-up of British dance producers and African and Celtic musicians - on everything from kora, tamba and bodhran to whistle, accordian, keyboards and guitar - fuse ornate African instrumentation, Celtic mysticism and a drum 'n' bass attitude to arrive at a present which, while acknowledging a long-forgotten past, is also the sound of the future. The song Whirl-y-Reel 1 is a perfect example of this rock fusing of cultures.

n-Track Shareware Multi-Track Recording Software at Version 2.01
n-Track is an audio & MIDI multitrack recorder. It uses your computer as a virtual multi-track recorder, allowing you to record and mix audio tracks and MIDI tracks, limited only by your hardware capabilities. Available for Windows 95/NT. Download here. Visit the n-track homepage.

Monday, March 9, 1998

www.liveconcerts.com Broadcasts Live Music Over The Internet
The airwaves are jammed, and the internet is about to be. liveconcerts.com (at the address of the same name) broadcasts live one-time only music events as well as maintaining an archive of other live performances. The artists range from indie/punk to classic rock, major label acts to country, folk or even jazz. Concerts are broadcast via Real Audio and Real Video 5.0, so you'll need that media player to enjoy it. The concerts are net-broadcast live from interviews such as the House of Blues at Sunset Strip, or at Marina City, or Hob French Quarter. Upcoming concerts include Joe Satriani (3/11), Van Halen (3/12), the Mavericks (3/13) and the Allman Brothers (3/14).

Musician's Musician Appearance Alert! Pearl Jam will be appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman on May 1, 1998.

Friday, March 6, 1998

Crystal Planet: Joe Satriani Releases First Full-Length Album
of New Material Since 1995

After spending a solid year and a half with Steve Vai and sometimes Eric Johnson, sometimes Kenny Wayne Shephard on the G3 super-guitarists tour, Satriani finally has been able to create his first album of new material since 1995. Featuring oft-time collaborators Stu Hamm (bass), Jeff Campitelli (drums and percussion), Eric Caudieux (keyboards), Eric Valentine (drums, bass, keyboards and percussion), Rhoades How and Elk Thunder (both percussion). Released this week (March 3), the album was produced by Mike Fraser and features 15 tracks. Judging from the samples on the Joe Satriani website, "With Jupiter In Mind" and "Ceremony", the album appears to continue the Satriani legacy of astral instrumental rock guitar artistry.

Thursday, March 5, 1998

CODA releases updated plugins for Windows
CODA, the makers of Vivace Practice Studio and Finale 97 music notation software for the PC and the Mac have posted maintenance upgrades to Finale 97 on their website, as well as some new plugins and related utilities. There are also free demo versions of their software available for the Mac version and the PC version.

Wednesday, March 4, 1998

Makers of the Nord Lead Synthesizer Release Software Based Analog Synth
Clavia, the makers of the Nord Lead analog synthesizer simulators, have released the Nord Modular synthesizer. The Nord Modular is a polyphonic synthesizer that allows you to create your own synthesizer architecture from scratch on the computer screen with virtual modules. Rather than storing samples of vintage sounds, the Nord modular's virtual modules are actually digital models of traditional synthesizer building blocks such as oscillators, filters, envelope generators, distortion processors, etc., plus a full array of special purpose modules. The software even uses virtual patch cables and knob settings to create new sounds. The settings can be saved or edited on a Windows PC utilizing Nord's free modular patch editor. Available in rack or keyboard setups, the Nord Modular can be fully integrated with a Nord Lead 2 synthesizer, or any MIDI controller. For more information, check out the Clavia website. There is a free demo of the Nord Modular Editor for Windows users.

Mike Ireland Shines on Sub Pop Records Release
This is not a record review - just a note to you readers to check out Mike Ireland on the SubPop label for a touch of that refreshing country music that comes from the soul. Yes, this is the label that brought us the "Singles" soundtrack and the grunge explosion, but never accuse them of narrow-mindedness. Judging from the sound samples on the SubPop site, I would most accurately compare him to a modern day Hank Williams with Donovan working as his arranger. So if you'd like some good old fashioned country music with a twist, rather than the antiseptic rhinestone be-bop music that Nashville is currently shoveling out, check out Mike Ireland.

Tuesday, March 3, 1998

New Music on MO: Edward Sanders
We found Edward Sanders on New Music Central, a fine site that features a wide variety of new music. Edward Sanders' album, "Box of Letters" features eleven songs that herald back to a time when when sentimentality and love were at the top of the charts. Reminiscent of Paul McCartney (and the Wings), 70's folk-pop, with sometimes a touch of Brian Eno for good measure, Sanders' songs are finely crafted, catchy works that deserve to be heard. Read More about Ed Sanders' "Box of Letters" and listen to some samples of the album.

Monday, March 2, 1998

Musician's Musician Appearance Alert! Eric Clapton to Premiere New Album
On Monday, March 9 8PM EST, 7PM CST, and 8PM PST, MJI Broadcasting radio affiliates will be premiering the new album "Pilgrim" by Eric Clapton. They will be playing the entire album and interviewing Clapton throughout the course of the two hour program. Check with your local radio stations for exact air times.

Sonic Foundry Introduces ACID.
Sonic Foundry recently introduced ACID - a break-through loop-based music production tool from the makers of Sound Forge. ACID comes with a selection of hundreds of loops and allows you to bring in your own samples to create custom loop-based music in minutes (And Puff Daddy said this was work!). ACID is available for Windows 95 and NT.

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